About KCD

 We see that the car market has grow noticeably in Cambodia, so KCD has created an Auction community and solely focused on specific buyers and car enthusiasts.

KCD Auction is first online market platform in Cambodia which allows people buy and sell cars, old or new. We make car purchasing and selling experience exciting, and safe as long as it compliance with law.

Here are the benefits:

  • We believe that every vehicle should come with vehicle history report: It might be free or with very low cost.
  • Businesses will be able to relocate inventories easily
  • KCD is the friendly online market place
  • Smooth sale process.

How It Works

  1. Register to bid
    • Before bidding, consumers must register with an ID, a valid credit card and phone number. Winning bidders pay KCD a 3.5% buy’s fee on top of the winning bid amount (minimum $175, maximum of $2,500)
  2. Perform Due Diligence
    • Before bidding for any auction, please advise that you have to register for the correct auction.  Your need to make sure that you pick the right car before placing a bid. For example, you need to check car report, maintenance, photo, car certification, etc. If any further questions on the vehicle, bidders may arrange an in-person meeting of the vehicle with the owner at your own cost.
  3. Pre-arrange Financing and Logistics
    • Don’t forget to arrange finance ahead of time.
    • Make sure you know whether your bank have certain requirements for purchasing a car (Some banks will require specific of vehicle information before loan approval)
    • Shipping is available (if it needs at your cost)
  4. When you bid, we place a hold on your credit card for the buyer’s fee – if you win, your card will be charged and you will pay the seller directly for the vehicle, otherwise, the hold will be released at the auction’s end.
    • Bids are binding, so only bid if you fully intend to purchase the car and you have performed the requisite due diligence, because you might end up as the high bidder(No refunds)
    • To ensure the bidding process is fair for everyone, bids placed within the final minute of the auction will reset the auction’s time remaining back to 1 minute – giving others the opportunity to bid.
  5. Win the Auction
    • To buy a car on KCD, you must win the auction by ultimately being the highest bidder – and, if the auction has a “Reserve,” by placing a bid that meets or exceeds the seller’s hidden “Reserve” price. If the auction has “No Reserve,” then the highest bidder wins it regardless of the amount they bid.
    • After the auction closes, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step checklist to complete your purchase. You’ll also receive the seller’s contact information (and visa-versa) in order to finalize the details and logistics of the transaction.