Crafted with an aluminium and silicon alloy for optimum strength and durability, each wheel is scrutinised by X-ray to check it’s free from even microscopic cracks.


    We start with a punishing 12-week dynamic corrosion test. Then, our Genuine Alloy Wheels are analysed for resistance to corrosive fluids, such as brake fluid, fuel and cleaning products. Finally, there’s a relentless 1,000 hour salt spray test. The British winter is mild by comparison.


    Engineered to precise geometric and balance standards, our alloy wheels help provide a safer clearance from components (such as brake calipers). The result is uncompromising capability on and off-road.


    The Pendulum Impact Test simulates kerb strike hits each alloy wheel at its weakest and strongest points. This structural behaviour test means optimal safety and shock absorption, protecting vehicle and passengers alike.

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